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These Three Brands Will Forever Change Your Opinion on Recycled Fashion - VOGUE Spain

These Three Brands Will Forever Change Your Opinion on Recycled Fashion - VOGUE Spain
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For years, we believed that fashion recycling would be based solely on patches and patchwork. A new generation of restless minds shows that we were VERY wrong. 

It had to happen. Undoubtedly, 2017 ends as the year in which, finally, fashion - taking this as the whole industry and its first swords - began to become aware of the importance of being if not something more sustainable , at least less harmful. 

The boom of small and medium signatures of ecological commitment, the investment of others in the investigation of alternative materials, for example, to the skin ; the commitment of celebrities to the cause, such as Emma Watson , and the commitment to synthetic hair by Gucci and other large firms, among many more efforts, contribute to this. In this way, the corporate social responsibility that was studied in the marketing classes becomes real, it is not limited to isolated actions or to a 'I wear the medal and then we see'. With the confirmation that there is a paradigm shift, there are old concepts that begin to look differently. It is what progress has. And, as happened in his day with second-hand clothes, one of them is recycled fashion.

It is not already that collection composed of garbage bags that Jeremy Scott would present in his youth, nor the first specialized recycling firms, many of them, explicitly claiming through remnants and patchwork . The brands that recycle today take into account the aesthetic desires of the market and the vital urgencies of the planet. They follow, for example, the wake of Re / done , which reuses old Levi's and that has Alessandra Ambrosio (the company is owned by her husband, Jamie Mazur ), Gigi Hadid , Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski among his most faithful followers; also that of Hôtel , the Parisianbrand that triumphs transforming old hotel curtains into jackets . This time, we go into the history of three projects that contribute their grain of sand to this change that we attend in real time: Revoir , Holyrecycle and Upcyclick . But many more will arrive. 

Millie Schindler studied at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles before joining the design teams of Versace and Tory Burch. In her first firm she promoted her passion for the prints of before; in the second, she refined his taste for the classic with a twist of modernity. Added this to his passion of always collecting vintage handkerchiefs, her new course was, more or less, defined. She has just founded Revoir, an online store where she offers her designs, some of which give new uses to these pieces. 

They can be in pockets of shirts, on shirt collars and cuffs or on blazer flaps . "I was not thinking so much about recycling, but about paying tribute to those iconic handkerchiefs I've been collecting since I was a young girl. I wanted to take them differently and give other women the opportunity to do so too. The fact of contributing to a more sustainable fashion is undoubtedly a bonus ", shares the businesswoman, who travels constantly to European markets looking for more pieces ." We always check their authenticity, because they tend to be of big signatures, before integrating them in our production, "confirms Millie, who claims to follow in the footsteps of other brands that bet on the reinvention of garments, such as Re / done , with jeans, or La Californienne , with watches.


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