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Are all of your pieces made from authentic scarves? 

Yes. We source 100% authentic designer scarves from Paris to make our garments. 

Is each piece one of a kind?

Yes, every piece is one of a kind. No two scarves are the same. Certain items like tee’s might be cut from the same scarf but they are different cuts of the fabric, so no two pieces look the same. 

What designers do you use? 

We use many different designers including Hermès, Chanel, Gucci and Dior to name a few.  

I have my own designer scarf, can you make me one of your pieces? 

Maybe! For inquiries about custom orders, please email 

Do your pieces run true to size? 

Yes, our garments run true to size. 

How should I care for my Revoir pieces? 

All Revoir items should be dry cleaned only. 

Where is Revoir made?

We are proud to say that our scarves are sourced from Paris and our garments are handcrafted in Los Angeles. 

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